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Is MultiVersus Cross Platform? (Crossplay Explained)

Any new multiplayer game is going to leave fans with the same question, and MultiVersus is no different. So, that being said, is MultiVersus cross platform?

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Is MultiVersus Crossplay?

Crossplay is a welcome feature in modern multiplayer games as it allows players on different gaming systems to compete and cooperate with each other. In fact, it’s pretty essential for creating a healthy community of players.

So, is MultiVersus cross-platform? Yes, MultiVersus has full cross platform play across all platforms at launch. This means players can throw down with friends on different devices. You’ll also be able to play on multiple devices with all your progress synced to your WB account. The inclusion of cross-play helps to create a more active community.

Additionally, MultiVersus’s wide availability and free-to-play model mean that it should be easy to find matches at any time. The game’s accessibility and fun roster should attract a large number of players, ensuring a competitive environment for any skill level. Cross-progression simply adds on by allowing players to retain their progress and unlocks across different platforms.

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Additionally, the inclusion of cross platform play can lead to a more balanced competitive scene. Players from different platforms bring diverse playstyles and strategies but may also find fixable exploits faster on their given system.

This variety can help players and developers improve by learning from a broader range of players. MultiVersus’s crossplay and cross-progression support are vital features that will contribute to its longevity as a game. These features ensure an inclusive, large, and hopefully engaging community.

MultiVersus is currently free-to-play on PS4, PS5, and Xbox Series X.

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