Is MultiVersus Down? (Maintenance Explained)
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Is MultiVersus Steam Deck Verified?

With the increasing popularity of handheld gaming, many players are curious about the compatibility of their favorite games with the Steam Deck. So, of course, plenty of players want to know if MultiVersus is Steam Deck verified or not.

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Is MultiVersus Steam Deck Compatible?

MultiVersus may be the only game where LeBron James can fight The Joker, but what’s the point if you can’t do it on Steam Deck? Well, luckily, we don’t have to live in such a world. Although Multiversus is not Steam Deck verified Valve lists the game as “Playable” on the handheld console.

Playable, according to Steam, means “The game may require some manual tweaking by the user to play.” The only caveat listed on the MultiVersus page is that some text input may require the use of the on-screen keyboard. Aside from this minor inconvenience, the game is fully playable on the device.

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MultiVersus Steam Deck Performance Explained

The great thing about performance on Steam Deck is whether it’s bad or good; people all over want to share their results. Early reports from fans indicate that achieving a stable 60fps on the Steam Deck at medium settings is very possible. Many are saying that the beta period never attained 60fps, so this is a massive upgrade.

Additionally, This is significant for the gameplay. Online fighting games like MultiVersus are among the only games that are actually unplayable at low and inconsistent frame rates. The ability to maintain 60fps makes the Steam Deck a viable platform for competitive play. Certainly a huge win for those who prefer handheld gaming.

So yes, MultiVersus is indeed Steam Deck compatible, with Steam labeling it as “Playable.” While some minor text input may arise, the game should run smoothly at a stable 60fps on medium settings. The portability and performance of the Steam Deck make it an excellent option for fans of MultiVersus who want to take the fight anywhere.

MultiVersus is currently free-to-play on PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X|S and PC.

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