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Is Star Wars Hunters Crossplay? (Cross-Platform Explained)

Crossplay used to be a rarity in online gaming, though nowadays, it’s becoming the new standard. So when a new online game like Star Wars Hunters hits the scene, players, of course, want to know if it’s crossplay.

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Star Wars Hunters Crossplay Explained

Star Wars Hunters is a team-based arena combat game developed by Zynga and Natural Motion Games. Set in the Star Wars universe, it pits players against each other in team battles with a diverse cast of characters, ranging from bounty hunters to droids and everything in between. The game is designed to offer fast-paced, competitive gameplay, combining strategic teamplay with the thrill of Star Wars combat. So is Star Wars Hunters crossplay?

The answer is yes, Star Wars Hunters does support crossplay. This allows players on iPhone, Android, and Nintendo Switch to battle together seamlessly. Crossplay is a significant feature for Star Wars Hunters, especially considering its current availability on mobile devices and the Nintendo Switch. This functionality allows players from these different platforms to join the same matches, ensuring a larger and more diverse player pool.

This is particularly beneficial for games like Star Wars Hunters. A new game which might have a smaller player base compared to more established ones. Crossplay also helps maintain shorter wait times for matchmaking. Additionally, it ensures that players always have opponents to compete against, regardless of their platform.

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The feature in Star Wars Hunters enhances the online experience by connecting friends across different devices. Additionally, it also helps to foster a more vibrant and active community. This connectivity is crucial for an online game’s longevity and popularity.

It prevents the player base from becoming fragmented. So, thankfully, whether you’re playing on your mobile device or on the Nintendo Switch, you can team up with friends and dive into the action-packed battles of Star Wars Hunters.

Star Wars Hunters is currently free-to-play on Android, iOS and Nintendo Switch.

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