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Is This Great Ace Attorney Trailer Teasing Some Sort Of Jurist System?



Last week, we got to see the latest trailer for The Great Ace Attorney at Tokyo Game Show. Capcom recently uploaded a “full version” of the same trailer, which adds a little extra bit at the end.


For those of you who missed our earlier report, the trailer shows the ancestor of Phoenix Wright, Ryuunosuke Naruhodou, and Susato Mikotoba, a young lady who will provide support as his legal affairs assistant.


The two meet Sherlock Holmes and his partner, Iris Watson, in England. Holmes is known for his uncanny deductive skills, and he shows them off by describing the type of woman Susato is, simply by observing her appearance and mannerisms.


Amusingly, however, it turns out Holmes’ deduction was the description Ryuunosuke had provided of Susato in the first place. It looks like he will often play the role of the straight man, while Holmes might occasionally get a little carried away by his thoughts and reasoning.


Once you skip forward to the 2:16 mark, we get to see the added bit in the full version of the trailer, which shows us a little clip of the jury all announcing “guilty,” as they toss their flame into a balance. Are we seeing hints of a Jurist System of some sort?


The Great Ace Attorney is slated for release in Japan in 2015 for Nintendo 3DS.

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