It’s Hammer Time With Guild Wars 2’s New Scrapper Specialization

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ArenaNet has revealed a new elite specialization for Guild War 2’s Engineer class known as “the scrapper.” It’ll be available in the upcoming Heart of Thorns expansion.


What the Scrapper brings to the Engineer class is proper brawling as it wields a large hammer. With it come similarly hefty skills. “Rocket Charge” has the Scrapper dash forward three times and then leap to finish by slamming the hammer down. “Shock Shield” magnetizes the hammer to nullify enemy attacks and open them up for a smack. “Thunderclap” sees the hammer raised into the air to call forth lightning and stun enemies around you.


The Scrapper also gets a “function gyro” assigned to the ‘F’ key. By sending it you you can have it attack a targeted downed foe or finish weak ones off, letting you help out allies from a distance, or ensuring enemies are finished off before their friends can help them.


The Scrapper also gets gyros to send out – they have limited fuel and will, eventually, explode. The Purge Gyro removes conditions from nearby allies but can also send out a Chemical Field to damage foes. And the Sneak Gyro can put a cloak field around you and allies so that you appear invisible while its Detection Pulse removes stealth from enemies in a large area.

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