It’s Now Easy To Create Visual Novels In Doom




    There are a great many Doom mods out there, such as Brutal Doom, Fistful of Doom, and Pirate Doom to name a few of the more well-known ones. But now, Australian Doom modder “The Zombie Killer” has created a visual novel engine called ZKVN that works with ZDoom and GZDoom (via TechRaptor).


    Yep, that’s right, this makes it easy to create visual novels featuring the demons and undead of the classic first-person shooter. It actually started off as the engine for HDoom (yes, that’s Hentai Doom) but branched off to become its own project.


    ZKVN lets you select characters to change their names, graphics, and add dialogue. It also allows for choices to be made by the player within the dialogue.


    However, it’s not yet finished, and still be hopefully be added is support for voice acting, fade transitions, and other slight improvements.


    You can download ZKVN on the Doomworld forums, but you will need either ZDoom or GZDoom, as well as a copy of Doom II.

    Chris Priestman

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