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It’s True: Devil May Cry 4 will go to 360 and possibly PC


dante-2.jpgThe rumors have been going around for a long while; Devil May Cry 4 possibly going to the 360 was constantly denounced by Capcom with such remarks as "we don’t comment on rumors" and things of that nature. People who owned a 360 prayed that Capcom would consider releasing DMC4 to the 360 so they wouldn’t have to spend $600 on a Playstation 3. To those of you who were once in that same boat, take comfort in knowing DMC4 is coming to the Xbox 360.



This official press release says it all. Simply put, Devil May Cry 4 will see a simultaneous PS3/360 release with a PC port coming soon. As to what achievements you can expect, who knows. Take comfort 360 owners; Nero and Dante will soon be invading your 360 with their super cool punk attitude.