Iwata-San The Satoru Iwata Book By Hobonichi Is Getting Published In Multiple Languages



A book about the life of the late-Nintendo President Satoru Iwata, called Iwata-san, featuring a collection of “Iwata Asks” interviews, recently released in Japan and it is getting released in various languages.


The announcement comes from Hobonichi, the company founded by Earthbound creator Shigesato Itoi.


Here’s a message in English from the publishers:

A note regarding the translated version of our latest book “Iwata-san”

We are honored to receive many inquiries and requests from our readers regarding the translated version of “Iwata-san.”

Needless to say, it is our wish to spread the words and philosophy of Mr. Satoru Iwata to as many people of the world as we can.
Currently, nothing is definite yet, but we are preparing publication of

“Iwata-san” in various languages in consultation with Tuttle-Mori Agency. We will make an official announcement as soon as we finalize the deals at this website and via the official twitter account as below:


We are sorry to keep you waiting. In the meantime, please note that translating this book into any languages for public distribution is a clear violation of copyright and will be subject to criminal charges. We ask for your understanding.

If you are publishers outside of Japan and interested in publishing the translated version of “Iwata-san,” please contact Ms. Manami Tamaoki at Tuttle-Mori Agency: [email protected]

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