J-Horror Game The Boogie Man Translated Into English

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If you’re a fan of Japanese horror games you’ve probably heard of, if not played, The Crooked Man. It’s the first in the creator Uri’s “Strange Man Series.” The second is The Sandman. Both of those have been translated into English by VGPerson.


And now, finally, VGPerson has translated the third in the Strange Man Series into English too. It’s called The Boogie Man, and can be downloaded on Windows and Mac for free here.


Here’s the game description: “Keith Baring is a cold, devoted detective whose boss decides he needs to take some time off. While on a tour of an old castle with his wife Helena, she makes a startling confession to him. Keith goes to bed bewildered – but things only become stranger as the Boogie Man’s game begins…”


As this is a horror game it comes with a content warning. But it’s pretty lo-fi so there shouldn’t be anything that’ll scar you for life. Hopefully. Oh, and if you need it, there’s a walkthrough provided on VGPerson’s website (scroll to the bottom).

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