Jaleco’s Plasma Ball For Famicom Has Now Been Fan Translated Into English

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Jaleco’s Famicom ball action game Plasma Ball got an English fan translation by TheMajinZenki, MrRichard999 and Dr. Floppy earlier this month, letting people experience this particular game that never made it onto the NES.


The game is a versus action game focused around manipulating a ball around for various objectives. When you start the game, you get to choose between three Zones (ie. objectives): Arena of Death has you trying to hit the other player with the ball, Building Breaker has you trying to take down enemy-colored buildings by knocking the ball into them many times, and Goal Shoot-out is a 3v3 (2 CPUs on each team) soccer-esque mode where the goal is to shoot the ball into the enemy goal. Like many Jaleco Famicom games, it’s bright and colorful.


Check out some screenshots below:

plasma ball 2 plasma ball 3

plasma ball 4 plasma ball 5

You can find the translation patch for the game here.


Plasma Ball was originally released for the Famicom.

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