January 31st Is Officially Final Fantasy VII Day

final fantasy vii day

Mark your calendars, because all January 31st from 2023 forth will officially be Final Fantasy VII Day. Final Fantasy VII Day is only valid in Japan. Square Enix announced that it has registered January 31st to be Final Fantasy VII Day with the Japan Anniversary Association. This is because Square Enix originally released it 26 years ago on January 31, 1997. [Thanks, Gematsu!]

On Twitter, Yoshinori Kitase left an anniversary message. Kitase was the director of the original FFVII, as well as the producer of the Remake project. You can read the message here:

In summary, he states that the release of FFVII was a major milestone for the Final Fantasy series. Not only was this a highly formative work for many gamers, but it came out at a time of rapid technological advancement. For Kitase, as well as many members on the Final Fantasy team, FFVII reminds him of all the big dreams he had at the time.

Many fans have responded positively to this Tweet. Some have stated that they will celebrate it every year, while others have expressed that it should be an international holiday. Perhaps Square Enix will have special campaigns and events on future FFVII Days.

Final Fantasy VII Remake is readily available for the PS4, PS5, and Windows PC.

Stephanie Liu
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