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Japan Is Finally Getting Muramasa Rebirth’s Last DLC Pack



Muramasa Rebirth’s fourth and last DLC pack, titled -Genroku Legends- Hell’s Where the Heart Is, released in the West earlier in September, but it looks like it’s barely coming out in Japan later this month. [Thanks, Game Jouhou.]



To catch you up to speed, Muramasa Rebirth’s fourth DLC pack is about a playboy named Seikichi, who was previously a monk, accidentally proposed to the Lord of Hell’s daugther, Rajyaki.


The DLC pack will have you control Rajyaki (who stuffs the playboy in a bag) as she searches for the lost sacred treasures.


While many fans of the game already got to enjoy the DLC, this is a nice reminder that not everything is released later in the West, and we occasionally get things even before they do in the country of origin.

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