Japanese Action-Puzzler Pico Park Is Made For Up To 10 Co-Op Players



Pico Park is a cute action-puzzler designed by Tokyo-based developer Teco Park due out for PC in late 2015.


As you’ll see in its teaser above, Pico Park is a co-op game that supports between two and 10 people playing at the same time – it adapts its challenges according to how many are playing. You all play as a cat that can run and jump. They’re not so remarkable by themselves but when working in numbers these cats can achieve many things. This is what the game is all about.



The idea in each level of Pico Park is to work together to obtain a key by completing a challenge so you can open the exit door. There’s a level that involves pushing large walls with your collective might, another in which you must bounce a ball on your heads across the screen, and another that requires you to create a set of stairs out of the cats to traverse a gap. The trailer shows off more.


You can find out more about Pico Park on its website.

Chris Priestman