Japanese Action-RPG Airship Q Turns You Into A Cat In 2015



Japanese indie studio Miracle Positive will be releasing its 2D sandbox action-RPG Airship Q in 2015, as the new trailer above reveals.


Essentially, it’s a Japan-made version of Terraria. There are two main differences, though: you play as a cat-person, and you spend a lot of your time flying around in an airship.


Your mission is to find the Empress so that you can be transformed back into a human and return to Earth. But you don’t know where she is, so you have to venture out into the wide world to learn what you can.


As with other sandbox games, the world is randomly generated and you’re able to collect resources to craft items, weapons, and much more, as well as construct your own vehicles.


There are enemies that you’ll need to fight, including sky pirates and bosses, but you can always bring in friends to play alongside you when the going gets tough.


As Siliconera previously covered, Airship Q was successfully funded on Japanese crowdfunding site Makuake, and soon after received 70 million yen in funding from Cygames. You can find out more on its website.

Chris Priestman