Japanese game publisher Cygames has announced that it’s bringing Miracle Positive’s sandbox action-RPG Airship Q to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita (via 4Gamer).


As Siliconera has covered before, Airship Q drops you into a 2D sandbox as a cat-person, where your mission is to find the Empress so you can return back to Earth as a human.


The world is procedurally generated so you’ll have to explore it on foot (or paw) as well as in your airship to find the Empress. You’ll also need to craft items, weapons, and vehicles from the resources you dig up, as well as fight sky pirates and bigger bosses.



Luckily, you’ll be able to team up with friends in order to conquer the game’s tougher moments if you wish.


Whether or not the PlayStation versions of Airship Q will be released this year alongside the PC version, or will take a little longer, isn’t clear. But Cygames has said that development on the PS Vita version is coming along smoothly.

Chris Priestman

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