Japanese Fans Made Their Own Mascot Characters For The Oculus Rift


Last month, the Oculus Rift, an upcoming virtual reality head-mounted display, was a big topic following its company acquisition by Facebook. Meanwhile in Japan, fans took it upon themselves to come up with their own female mascot for the Rift.


When Oculus VR founder Palmer Luckey was in Japan for Unite Japan 2014, a recent event for Unity, a cross-platform game engine, he got to check out its new mascot character called “Unity-Chan” and jokingly mentioned that since Unity has its own mascot girl, maybe the Oculus Rift should have one, too.


Little did Luckey know, when it comes to mascot girls in Japan, it’s serious business. Japanese fans took it upon themselves and decided to make their own mascot characters for the virtual reality device. Here’s a look at some of the notable character designs for a potential Oculus-tan:









So, which “Oculus-Chan” do you guys like best?

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