Japanese Indie Developers Band Together for Indie Live Expo 2020

Indie Live Expo

Japan’s indie developers have banded together to announce Indie Live Expo 2020, an indie game showcase set to be broadcast on June 6 that they’re hoping will reach at least 1 million viewers across Japan, China, and the West. Indie Live Expo 2020 will be streamed across Youtube Live, Periscope, Twitch, and Bilibili, and is hosted by Ryu’s Office and sponsored by

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Although the event is being hosted by Japanese indie developers, they aim to show off not only Japanese indie games, but indie games from across the world. The event will be hosted in Japanese, Chinese, and English, and apart from showcases, several prominent indie developers and indie scene supporters will also be sharing a message with the viewers, including ZUN (Touhou series), Toby Fox (UNDERTALE, DELTARUNE), SWERY (CEO of White Owls), and Etrian Odyssey creator Kazuya Nino, who is currently heading Type-Moon Studio BB.

Finally, a minigame development contest is set to be held, with the topic being Evangelion, due to the latest movie being set to release this year. More info on the contest will be announced in the future.

Indie Live Expo 2020 will be streamed on June 6, 2020 from 8pm to 11pm JST (subject to change). Bitsummit is also transitioning to an online event this year with BitSummit Gaiden.

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