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Japanese Myth-Inspired Kodoku Returns As Kodoku 3D




Japanese myth-inspired horror game Kodoku was unfortunately cancelled due to financial reasons, but its designer and art director has decided to carry on the game on his own as Kodoku 3D.




Kodoku 3D takes the visuals and gameplay in new directions, moving toward full 3D as the player solves puzzles and engages with the supernatural, Asian myth-inspired creatures in the game’s world. The player will be able to choose to hide from monsters or engage them directly, but if the player takes a hit or gets caught, it will waste time. Given that much of the game is on a strict time limit, this creates a challenge for the player.




Few details are available on the storyline other than that the player’s character is trapped in a strange building, and that they will meet strange characters, such as a talking corpse, that live within it. Depending on the actions the players take within this place, supernatural events will occur, and these can somehow be used to the player’s advantage.




The developer aspires to complete the game in the next three to four months, releasing on PC first and then hopefully on PS4 and Xbox One. 

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