Japanese Splatoon Fan Makes A Real Life Inkzooka



A Japanese Splatoon fan has made real-life versions of weapons from Nintendo’s online squid shooter and shared a video of them being fired using water (thanks AnimeNewsNetwork).


The latest of these weapons is the Inkzooka. It’s 180 centimeters long, weighs 15 kilograms, and shoots at a range of 25 meters. It’s fired by mounting it over a shoulder and it’s best to get down on one knee as the force of the Inkzooka firing is enough to knock you back.



You can watch the original video uploaded by Nicovideo user tono2 or you can try out the YouTube duplicate above if you prefer. The other, smaller guns you can see being fired in the video are only there for comparison, as they’re commercially available water guns and pretty weak in comparison to the Inkzooka.


You’ll also see at the end of that video that the same fan has also made a Splat Bomb and appropriately ducks out of the way when chucking it into a pool of water. If you want more, then you can also check out this guy’s water gun version of Splatoon’s Splat Charger.

Chris Priestman