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Japanese Version of The Callisto Protocol Blocked From Release

the callisto protocol japanese cero

People in Japan might be in for some disappointment, as the Japanese version of The Callisto Protocol will not be available. According to the official Twitter account for the game, it is unable to pass requirements imposed by CERO, Japan’s ratings agency. According to Krafton, changing the contents of the game would mean presenting a different experience from what players are anticipating, and so Krafton has chosen instead to simply not release it.

Folks will likely still able to import the game, albeit international versions of it. According to the game’s Steam page, it does have full Japanese support. So players who only know Japanese who still be able to understand the story and menus. Those who pre-ordered the Japanese version of The Callisto Protocol will be able to get their money back. Krafton asked for Japanese residents’ understanding in regards to the matter.

CERO (Computer Entertainment Rating Organization) is the rating organization for console video games in Japan. Reviewers called The Callisto Protocol “gross” and “visceral” in a positive way. However, the level of gore may be a bit too much for Japan, which takes a harder line on depictions of violence. The Japanese version of Resident Evil 2 Remake had to censor some scenes in order to appease CERO. The Japanese releases of games like Cyberpunk 2077, The Last of US, Uncharted, The Witcher 3, and Grand Theft Auto V also have had violence or nudity cut. In some cases games in Japan get two releases. There could be one with a milder CERO rating and a “CERO Z” edition with less censorship (though even some CERO Z editions have cuts compared with their international releases).

The Callisto Protocol is a spiritual successor to Dead Space. It takes place in the year 2320 in Black Iron, a prison colony. Jacob Lee, the protagonist, is a prisoner. He has to survive an alien invasion that the prison warden seems to be behind.

The Callisto Protocol will come out on December 2, 2022 for the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Windows PC. Those in Japan will need to purchase international versions of The Callisto Protocol.

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