Japan’s First Senior Citizen Esports Facility for Gamers Ages 60 & Over Will Open on July 2, 2020

Japan Senior Citizen Esports Facility

Japan was late to hop onto the esports train but it’s safe to say that it is a lot more mainstream now that they’re getting the country’s first esports facility for senior citizens. ISR Parsonel announced that it will open doors to its senior-exclusive esports facility “ISR e-Sports” on July 2, 2020.

Japan Senior Citizen Esports Facility

The ISR esports facility will be located at a senior citizen center in the Chuou Ward of Kobe, Japan. The goal is to help expand on the activities available for senior citizens in Japan. The only membership requirement is that players need to be 60-years or older to join.

Japan Senior Citizen Esports Facility

The goal is to provide an environment that allows for a healthy game life and a beginner-friendly esports experience. The ISR e-Sports staff will show members how to play their games while also providing gameplay support by their side. As for game selection, they’ll have everything from titles that are easy to control for complete beginners to esports staples that gamers play around the world. As members find games they like, they’ll get to spend more time playing together with others from the facility.

Japan Senior Citizen Esports Facility

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ISR Parsonel hopes to eventually create jobs in the esports field for senior citizens and people with disabilities through the ISR e-Sports facility. The ultimate goal is to help create job opportunities and to contribute to society through esports.

Japan Senior Citizen Esports Facility

“Now, tell them to press the Alt and F4 keys.”

Senior citizens will get to frag scrubs online from Monday to Friday once doors open on July 2nd. The gameplay sessions are about an hour and a half long followed by 30 minutes of cooldown time for a total of two hours per session. The price is about 1,000 yen per session.

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