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Jettomero – Help A Clumsy Robot Save Humanity From Alien Threats


Humankind has been scattered across the universe, inhabiting tiny planets all over the galaxy. These remnants of the race are under attack from alien ships and colossal beasts from beyond the stars, and only a clumsy giant robot will be able to (maybe) save them in Jettomero: Hero of the Universe.


Players will guide the game’s awkward, stumbling robot hero as it tries to swat down enemy ships and clobber the various creatures that show up to harm the remaining humans. However, this robot isn’t very sure on its feet, and combining that with its colossal size can make it difficult to steer out of the way of the human settlements it is trying to protect. The robot does apologize profusely for the damage it causes while trying to save everyone, though.

Designed in the spirit of the works of Keita Takahashi, it is designed to tell a cute tale about a misguided hero in a stylized, generated universe, exploring the robot’s human-like flaws as it tries its best to be helpful.


Jettomero is slated to release this September on Steam and Xbox One.

Alistair Wong
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