A Jilted Lover Can become Your Nemesis One Day In This Turn-Based RPG

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World Slayer is a turn-based RPG that will let players become better friends with their party companions, as well as pursue romances with them. Should those romances turn sour, though, the romantic interest can become a powerful enemy instead.



World Slayer touts itself as being an RPG about choice, one where players can take actions that will lead them to take over the world, destroy it, or ignore its troubles in order to spend more time with friends and lovers. Players will make these decisions through their character interactions and storytelling moments, leading the plot in whichever direction the player is inclined.


Should the player’s decisions lead to trouble with a former lover or some regular enemies, they can use a stat-based battle system to survive the encounter. Many of the character and enemy attacks require a certain stat to use, so use debuffing attacks to lower those specific stats will make it so that the injured character can no longer use those moves. Likewise, players and enemies can buff themselves to gain access to higher-level moves, letting them devastate their opponents. Players will want to know their stats and buffs/debuffs well to win in combat.




When not fighting their exes, players will also be able to attack and conquer cities using an army later in the game. This will require work to build up forces and strengthen defenses, and is completely optional, but allows players to further reshape the game’s world.


A demo is available for World Slayer on the game’s site. Players who like what they see can vote for the game on Steam Greenlight in advance of its Winter 2017 release.

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