Jiro Ishii Is Working on an Untitled Magical Girl Game for Mobile Devices

Jiro Ishii working on Junketsu no Mahou Shoujo - Untitled Magical Girl

A new magical girl mobile game, titled Junketsu no Mahou Shoujo -Untitled Magical Girl-, from Jiro Ishii is in the works. This is the latest project for the 428: Shibuya Scramble creator who also heads his own Storytelling company.

So-Cayenne Mobile Entertainment is in charge of developing this mobile game. It will feature characters from all three arcs that have been featured on the franchise’s YouTube channel. The characters include Konomi Minamino from the 1980s era-based Starry Magical Girls, Hikaru Nishiwaki from the 1990s’ Wing Magical Girls, and Yuna Tojo from the 2000s’ Flowery Magical Girls.

Sparkleling and Storytelling published an announcement trailer for the Untitled Magical Girl mobile game. The trailer does have English subtitles for the title’s theme song. However, no information has come out on whether the game will release outside Japan or not.

Jiro Ishii is a Japanese game and anime creator. He is most well-known for the 428: Shibuya Scramble and Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors games released during his tenure at Chunsoft. He eventually went independent and established his own company named Storytelling in 2015.

Other than games, Jiro Ishii also worked on anime titles like Canaan and Bubuki/Buranki. He also participated in creating Under the Dog, an anime title funded with Kickstarter. More recently, Ishii worked on story composition for Sega’s 2019 PS4 game Sakura Wars.

Jiro Ishii’s latest game project, Junketsu no Mahou Shoujo -Untitled Magical Girl-, will be available for smartphones in 2022.

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