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If you’re a fan of the manga or anime series, chances are you’d be absolutely blown away by the attention to detail in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: All Star Battle.  Joseph Joestar’s “run away” command is just one of many character quirks that I found to be a nice additional touch when I recently went hands-on with a demo build of the game. Here are a few more examples – with video, to boot!


Jonathan Joestar

One of his special moves is “This is my final Ripple.” You can execute this attack by entering down, down+square+triangle+O, will allow Jonathan to be revived with a wee bit of health remaining after he’s KO’ed. This requires one meter to perform and you can only use this attack once in an entire match.


After Jonathan is revived from KO state, Ripple-infused special moves will not require energy from the Heart Heat Gauge to perform. This is a reference to the ending in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Part 1 and you can see this in the middle of this video.


Jotaro Kujo and Part 3’s Dio

Both characters have the ability to stop time, once per match by entering down, down+R1. When this is activated, time will stop while your Heart Heat Gauge starts to drain. With a full 3-level stock, I was able to do as much as 40% damage to my opponent through random combos. Watch close to the end of the video to see this.


Giorno Giovanni

Giorno’s GHA activates Gold Experience Requiem. This grants him an additional few special moves, as well as the ability to fly by dashing forwards or backwards – similar to the way Morrigan’s dash works from Capcom’s Darkstalkers series.


Gold Experience Requiem is said to be one of the most powerful defensive Stands in the JoJo universe, due to its ability to reset his opponent’s actions back to point zero. This is an actual move you can perform in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: All Star Battle. When Gold Experience Requiem is activated enter down+any attack button this will create a gigantic black sphere that resets your opponent back to a neutral state (at this point I’m not sure if this is an attack your opponent can block) – which is useful for extending combos.



Johnny Joestar

I do not actually remember any of Johnny Joestar’s special moves, simply because this guy has like two full pages of commands listed.Johnny Joestar’s stand, Tusk, evolves from Act 1 to 4 as you use HHAs and GHAs, and this completely changes his moveset depending on which Act he is in.


What I did find when I went hands-on with Johnny Joestar, however, was this fairly easy to perform corner juggle combo: Light, Medium, Heavy, Charge Attack (hold back for 2 seconds, forward+attack), Light Medium Heavy, Charge Attack. Only works when your opponent is up against the edge of the arena.

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