Jorry Is Reminiscent Of Clock Tower’s Point & Click Horror

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Claire awakens tied to a chair in a strange building in Jorry, a point & click horror game that appears to take inspiration from Clock Tower with its powerful, relentless, randomly-appearing foes.


Players will need to explore the various rooms of Jorry, looking for useful items that will help them solve puzzles that block their progress. While doing so, they’ll need to deal with the undead that roam the building, doing so with a strange gun that works using some sickening ammunition.

Jorry doesn’t just pit the player against basic zombies, as it periodically makes players deal with stronger, more determined beasts, reminiscent of Scissorman from Clock Tower. A chainsaw-wielding foe can appear at random throughout the building, forcing players to find a hiding spot to wait them out or make an attempt to shoot them down. Ammo can be scarce, though, so unless players are very confident, they may wish to avoid these stronger enemies. Plus, there is no telling when they may reappear.


A demo for Jorry is available from GameJolt and

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