JRPG-Inspired Detective Game Pixel Noir Gets A Demo

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Pixel Noir is a turn-based RPG that has you playing as a private eye in a dark and corrupt city. The creators ask you to imagine “Earthbound meets Sin City.”


It’s currently on Kickstarter where the developers are seeking $30,000 to finish it up and bring it to Windows, Mac, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation Vita for November 2016. There’s also a demo you can download here for Windows and Mac.


The idea of the game is to solve mysteries as Pinnacle City’s cheapest private detective. You’ll do everything from find missing pets to solve murders. And you will get in trouble with muggers and murderers along the way.


When you do, you’ll enter a turn-based combat system, which has timed attacks for extra damage and character-specific special abilities. You can also pair up with teammates for big combos. You can upgrade and customize weapons as you progress in order to learn new tactics – especially handy for taking on bosses.


Each mystery you investigate has multiple outcomes. You’ll want to explore the city examining its many interactive parts, using the Detective’s Investigation Skill to reveal clues and items, and talk to as many people as possible. How much effort you put in will determine the success of your investigation.

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