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Jupiter’s Working Zombies Will Shamble Onto the Switch in Summer 2020


Japanese video game studio Jupiter Corporation is currently developing a new title called Working Zombies. Jupiter is well-known for making Picross titles, a kind of game that uses nonograms to strategically reveal a bigger picture. (Picross has dozens of versions, including a Kemono Friends edition on the Nintendo Switch and a Sanrio-themed entry on the 3DS.) Though it has also been involved in the development of games like Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories on the Game Boy Advance and both Ghost Trick and The World Ends with You on the Nintendo 3DS.

Working Zombies is a big change from the Picross series: it’s a comedic, slapstick action game set in a world where your friendly, neighborhood zombies are just trying to pay the bills and hold down a job to make ends meet. On February 28, 2020, Jupiter released a teaser to highly the wacky world of Working Zombies .

Take a look at the teaser to get a taste of the zombies giving it their all.

Though most of Jupiter’s games have been Picross titles, Working Zombies will be a completely different sort of game. The game will also support local co-op for up to four players. Currently, it doesn’t have a price or rating.

In addition to its promotional teaser, Jupiter has released some screenshots of the game. Here’s another peek at what Working Zombies will look like:

Jupiter will release Working Zombies during Summer 2020 for the Nintendo Switch. You can Jupiter’s official Twitter account to keep up to date on any and all information.

Mercedez Clewis
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