Just Deserts Combines Dating And Alien Attacks

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When Quentine City gets annihilated by attacks from strange, unknown creatures, an unnamed soldier gets assigned to a squad of five women to protect Aquarine City in Just Deserts, a game where players will have to balance their love lives as well as their combat skills.




Players will have to keep track of their money, health, energy, and time in order to keep up with the needs of a soldier as well as their chances at romance. While the game does allow the player to date five available heroines, they will still need to watch out for alien attacks, engaging in short combat minigames to keep the city safe.




Various activities, hundreds of items that can be used as support in combat or as gifts, and player decisions will all lead to one of the game’s seven endings. Just Deserts, which has already been Greenlit, is set to release sometime this year.

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