Kaai Yuki Plush Based on Kyoufuu All Back and Neoki Yashi no Ki Yukopi Songs Revealed
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Kaai Yuki Plush Based on ‘Kyoufuu All Back’ and ‘Neoki Yashi no Ki’ Revealed

Bandai Namco’s Namco Online Crane account revealed new Kaai Yuki Vocaloid plush inspired by the Yukopi songs “Kyoufuu All Back” and “Neoki Yashi no Ki.” These are now appearing in arcades and online crane games in Japan. 

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There are five different kinds of plush, which are split into two different styles. Two are larger versions of the Vocaloid. In this case, there’s one showing how Kaai Yuki looked when braced against the wind in “Kyoufuu All Back,” and another showing her with her palm tree hair as seen in “Neoki Yashi no Ki.” In the case of the smaller options, these are keychains. There are two based on “Kyoufuu All Back,” and one based on “Neoki Yashi no Ki.” All of these plush toys have a sound chip in them, much like the Build-a-Bear stuffed animals, so they play music when pressed.

Here’s how those all look:

For those unfamiliar, Kaai Yuki is a Vocaloid along the lines of Hatsune Miku. However, that software is made by AH Software, while Crypton Future Media makes Miku. “Kyoufuu All Back” released first in March 2023, and it was followed by “Neoki Yashi no Ki” in July 2023. Both deal with “hardships.” In the first, it describes someone going out in winds so strong it pushes them back. In the other, the person has bed head that looks like a palm tree and can’t be tamed. Both songs are often covered by other Vocaloids and singers like Gawr Gura.

Here’s “Kyoufuu All Back” on YouTube, which currently passed 86.4 million views.

And here’s “Neoki Yashi no Ki” on YouTube. That hit 21.8 million views so far.

All five of the Kaai Yuki plush are available in Japanese arcades as prizes now.

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