Kabounce Is Competitive Multiplayer Pinball Where You Act As The Ball



Kabounce is a multiplayer pinball game where players each act as a ball, bouncing off of bumpers, jets, and other objects to fight for the best scores.




Players will join one of two teams, then set out to slam into each object on the map, switching it to their color. As the bump into things, they will accrue points, which need to be brought back to their team’s base in order for them to count. Players will need to manage the time spent smashing into objects to switch their color as well as the time they need to actually make the points count.


Players are able to give their ball a small burst of speed as they play, doing so to reach higher platforms or hurtle off of jumps. They can also carefully use the momentum they gain from hitting things to have the same effect, or collect power-ups scattered around the arenas to change up their movement and abilities.




Potential third person pinball players can sign up for development updates through Kabounce’s website.

Alistair Wong
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