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Kafka Enables DoT Teams in Honkai: Star Rail

Kafka is a DPS character who focuses on enabling and maximizing DoT damage in Honkai: Star Rail. While she can totally work as a solo DPS if you give her the right Light Cones and Relics, that’s not exactly the niche she specializes in. As such, when you’re putting together a team with Kafka on it, make sure you have characters who can consistently and reliably inflict some sort of DoT on enemies.

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The debut banner for Kafka also has an increased chance of getting Luka, Sampo, and Serval. Usually, that doesn’t mean anything. But in this case, it’s as if HoYoVerse is trying to strongly hint a party comp at us. As of Version 1.2, these three characters certainly are the best options there are to deal DoT on the enemy, and as such, they’re ones that you should definitely consider for a Kafka party.

Kafka team comps in Honka: Star Rail

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Here are some Kafka teams you can try out in Honkai: Star Rail:

  • Kafka | Sampo | Ruan Mei | Sustain
    As of Version 1.6, Ruan Mei is one of the best support characters in the game, and she can help to maximize a DoT team that consists of Kafka and Sampo. She not only makes them faster and increases how much DMG they deal, she also makes it easier for them to Break the enemy. This in turn makes landing DoTs faster, and her Ultimate can extend how much a Break lasts. You can replace Sampo with Guinaifen or Luka if you want, and this goes for all the other teams as well. I would not recommend running Serval with Kafka, since they both inflict Shocked. However, Kafka’s kit makes it better for you to land as many different DoTs as you can.
  • Kafka | Sampo | Asta | Sustain
    This is a very similar team to the above but replacing Ruan Mei with Asta. This one will focus more on giving Kafka and Sampo as many turns as possible. Asta’s Skill is a good way to get her Energy back, and she can also inflict the Burn DoT when she Breaks an enemy. If you want to replace Sampo with another DoT, you should use someone like Luka. Guinaifen can also work though, because she has a unique DoT separate from Asta’s Burn.
  • Kafka | Guinaifen | Tingyun | Huohuo
    This team focuses on Kafka and Guinaifen as the main damage dealers. Huohuo and Tingyun should help Kafka get her Ultimate back, but Huohuo can also help with Guinaifen’s Energy. This is because both Kafka and Guinaifen can instantly trigger a DoT with their Ultimates. However, Huohuo is not the most fantastic of sustains and Tingyun is infamous for her poor survivability and oddly high chances of aggro. If your Kafka is good enough on her own, you can replace Guinaifen with a Preservation to protect your supports instead.

Honkai: Star Rail is readily available on the PS5, Windows PC, and mobile devices. You can only pull for Kafka when the Nessun Dorma Event Warp is up.

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