Kagura Douchuuki Adds A Roguelike With Visual Novel Elements To Steam



Back in May, Debonosu Works submitted an all-ages version of Kagura Douchuuki, a roguelike with visual novel elements, to Steam Greenlight. Enough people supported it to allow the game to pass muster with Valve, and it is now available for Windows PCs via Steam.


In Kagura Douchuuki, people in a resort town keep disappearing. They seem to be spirited away and the police’s conventional methods haven’t helped save any of the victims. Two shrine maidens, named Ibuki and Nazuna, are called upon to investigate the disappearances and bring the missing people home. This is accomplished by sending the women into five randomly generated dungeons where their attacks and magic are used to defeat supernatural creatures.


There are three difficulty levels in Kagura Douchuuki. Beginners can start with an easy level that allows people to keep their earned levels and equipment. The Normal difficulty level lets players keep items equipped to the character, but resets their level on each run. The most difficult setting will cause items to appear, but characters will not keep their level or equipment should they fall in a dungeon.


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Kagura Douchuuki is $18.99. All mature content has been removed for Steam’s all-ages release. This release does offer some controller support and requires people to sign a 3rd-party EULA.

Jenni Lada
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