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Kairosoft Bringing Dungeon Village, Hot Springs Story, and Game Dev Story PS4 Ports on December 5, 2019

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Kairosoft simulations are coming to a new platform. The company will be bringing Dungeon Village, Game Dev Story, and Hot Springs Story to the PlayStation 4 in Japan. No exclusive features have been announced for these versions. [Thanks,!]

History is repeating itself. Back in October 2018, Kairosoft released all three of these games at once on the Nintendo Switch. The pricing will be different, though. On mobile devices, all three of these games are $4.99. On the Nintendo Switch in Japan, they cost 1,200円 each ($12). On the PlayStation Store, they will be 1,500円 each. Localizations have not been announced.

Each one of these Kairosoft simulations involves managing a certain situation. In Dungeon Village, you build up a town for typical RPG heroes to visit. Your goal is to help it grow and ensure the adventurers visiting there keep getting stronger. In Game Dev Story, you run a game developer and help them grow by hiring staff, learning about new sorts of games to make, and eventually develop hardware. Hot Springs Story has you managing a hot springs resort, determining which facilities will bring in the most cash and make visitors happy.

Dungeon Village, Game Dev Story, and Hot Springs Story are available for the Nintendo Switch and mobile devices. They will come to the PlayStation 4 in Japan on December 5, 2019.

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