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Kaitou Joker’s 3DS Game Is A Traditional Platformer Mixed With Puzzle Elements



Kaitou Joker is a popular manga in CoroCoro Comic about a phantom thief named Joker and his friend Hachi, who go up against all kinds of other Phantom Thieves and detectives. Bandai Namco have shared a look at the upcoming 3DS game based on the series.



The trailer starts out with Kaitou Joker and Hachi seeing the legendary phantom thief, Arsene Lupin, who challenges Joker to a phantom thief versus phantom thief showdown.


Kaitou Joker: The Phantom Thief Beyond Time and the Lost Jewel features an original story, with platformer action gameplay that also involves tricks, deductions, and mystery solving.


Kaitou can use different abilities such as transformations to blend in with enemies, bubbles to float above enemies, and his Straight Flush ability for blinding enemies when he’s in a pinch.


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While exploring stages, you’ll occasionally come across strange mysteries, which you can solve using the “Joker Vision” that makes it show the puzzle aspect behind these findings. This will require finding hints in order to unlock the path to continue.


There are all kinds of interesting setups that will require you to use your surroundings or items that are available, and will occasionally require you to even find hints that actually tell you to blow into your 3DS mic at certain areas.


Joker will have plenty of tricks up his sleeve to solve mysteries and take out enemies, but he’ll also have his allies in Hachi, Silver Heart, and others will be there to help out when they can.


Kaitou Joker: The Phantom Thief Beyond Time and the Lost Jewel will release in Japan on June 25, 2015 for Nintendo 3DS.

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