Kamen Rider Arcade Game Will Have You Doing “Henshin” Poses



Whether you’ve done it in front of a mirror or not, it’s pretty much every Kamen Rider fan’s dream to be able to strike wicked poses and “henshin” into one of the heroes. Famitsu shares a look at an arcade game for kids that was built just for that purpose.


The Narerunda! Kamen Rider Drive arcade game for kids will launch this month in amusement facilities across Japan, where a screen will show the player in the form of Kamen Rider Driver.


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Once your Kamen Rider Drive form appears on the screen, various enemies will pop out, and you’ll have to do different poses to perform his special moves to take them out.


Additionally, the arcade game will update over time to match up with the TV show, so that it’ll feature new characters, weapons, and other updates as the show goes on.



As an extra bonus, when the game is done, you’ll get to pick one out of six different versions of yourself in Kamen Rider Drive’s outfit, and the machine will dispense it as a sticker for you to keep.


You can also purchase additional stickers, and get a code to upload it onto your smartphone so you can share with friends or have it as a background.


Narerunda! Kamen Rider Drive will launch in Japan this month. It costs 300 yen per play.

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