Kamen Rider: Batton-Line Brings The Series’ Riders To A Card Battle RPG For PC



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Usually, we expect card-games to be on mobile phones these days. Not so Kamen Rider: Batton-Line. This turn-based RPG featuring at least 14 of the long-lived series’ Riders—such as Gaim—is going to be available on PC this November. Players will be able to collect both Riders and what appears to be some of the bad guys and/or their minions to fight on their team.


Much like others in the genre, you’ll be able to sacrifice/soul-meld/transmogrify your Riders to others to increase their levels and make them stronger. Fights will be played out with your choice of what actions to do, lending a good deal more strategic depth.


There’s also a story mode, kind of, for players to fight against AI foes including bosses to fight – You’ll be able to summon allies to help take down these uber powered foes. Or, you can also engage in player-versus-player fights against other teams to see who’s got the best lineup of Riders around.

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