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Kamen Rider: Battride War Creation Officially Announced For PS4, PS3, And Vita



A new Kamen Rider title was recently revealed in Bandai Namco’s Tokyo Game Show lineup, and it’s been officially announced in this week’s issue of Famitsu magazine. [Thanks, Hachima.]


Kamen Rider: Battride War Creation will feature many new playable Heisei Era Riders, including some that were enemies or support-only characters in the past. Some of the confirmed Riders include: Drive, Mach, G3X, Knight, Kaixa, Garren, Ibuki, Gatack, Zeronos, Ixa, Kuuga (Yusuke Onodera from Decade,) Diend, Eternal, and Ghost.


The following Showa Era Riders will also appear in the game: Kamen Rider 1, Kamen Rider 2, V3, X, Amazon, Stronger, Skyrider, Super-1, Black, and Black RX.


Kamen Rider: Battride War Creation will release in Japan in 2016 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation Vita.

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