Kamen Rider Black Sun Henshin Belt Articulates, Costs $300 USD

Kamen Rider Black Sun Henshin Belt Articulates, Costs $300 USD

Where there’s a tokusatsu show, premium merch will follow. A new Kamen Rider Black Sun Henshin Belt is up for pre-order in Japan, and is the first “fully automated” Henshin Belt in the line. Part of the “Complete Slection Modification” series (CSM), the Kamen Rider Black Sun Henshin Belt went on display at the ongoing Narikiri World 2022 exhibition event in Tokyo.

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Narikiri World is an event held by Bandai to highlight the various tokusatsu roleplay, cosplay, and replica items it has produced over the years. Some of the items on display include Driver belts from Kamen Rider W, the Gao Brace from GaoGaiGar, and replica Beta Capsules from Shin Ultraman.

Check out a preview clip for the Kamen Rider Black Sun Henshin Belt (formally named the “Century Sun King Driver”).

The belt itself is the first fully automated Henshin belt in the CSM line. In resting state, the belt has four metallic “petals” deployed. As actor Hidetoshi Nishijima demonstrates, the transformation sequence is triggered when the wearer waves their hand over a sensor. This causes the backing machinery to light up, and the petals to retract into a circle surrounding the belt’s central light. The machinery also folds in to make the belt more compact, with a pressure gauge needle swinging and more lights turning on. The sequence is also backed by show-accurate sound effects.

Here’s the Kamen Rider Black Sun Henshin Belt as seen in the show itself, and recorded by Twitter user Power Rider Tycoon. Nishijima, who plays protagonist Kotaro Minami, carries out the classic Kamen Rider Black Henshin movement.

The CSM Century Sun King Driver is available for pre-order from Bandai’s Premium Bandai online store. It will cost 44,000 Yen (about $300 USD). Kamen Rider Black Sun is available for streaming on Amazon Prime Video in Japan. International release plans have not yet been detailed, though Discotek Media has licensed the original 1987 Kamen Rider Black series for Blu-ray.

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