Kamen Rider 3DS Game Borrows Elements From Tales Battle System

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In the latest reveal for upcoming side-scrolling action-adventure game Kamen Rider: Travelers Record, developers 7th Chord showed off how Travelers Record will implement some elements of the Linear Motion Battle System, seen in the Tales series of games.



Fights in Travelers Record will be fought on a 2D-plane with 3D backgrounds, with up to three Masked Riders and allowing for free movement over and around foes. Dubbed Linear Motion Battle, it allows players to plan tactical maneuvers such as pincer attacks, or stringing skills along to create massive chain combos. Each Rider’s flashy special moves can also be unleashed. 7th Chord has some experience with the system, having worked on Tales of Hearts R earlier this year.


Players will utilize Kamen Rider Fourze’s belt system on the Nintendo 3DS touch screen to transform into the various Kamen Riders for battle. Two different versions of transformations were noted – Form Change and Style Change – which will let players swap between the various Masked Rider transformations.


The story combines most of the Heisei Period’s various shows into one major locale, allowing players to visit locations such as Amanogawa High School from the Fourze series or Omokagedo antique shop from the Wizard series.





First-print run copies of the game will also come with two special Kamen Rider: Gaim cards for the arcade Kamen Rider game as well.


Kamen Rider: Travelers Record will be out in Japan on the Nintendo 3DS November 28



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