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Kamiko Surpasses 110,000 In Worldwide eShop Sales



Circle Entertainment CEO and co-founder Chris Chau revealed that the Skipmore-developed Nintendo Switch action game Kamiko has surpassed 110,000 in worldwide sales on eShop. [Thanks, Nintendo Life.]


The two-man team of Skipmore developed the Switch-exclusive title in four months, and since its release in April it has sold over 110,000 copies on the eShop worldwide.


In terms of sales percentages, Japan is 25% (and it was #4 in Japan for the first half year of sales), US is 48%, EU+AU is about 27%.


The game has sold in Japan about 3 months, US/EU/AU it’s 2.5 months. So far the US is the biggest market, however the Eastern market still has a lot of users we can’t ignore.


Skipmore is also working on Picontier, which is being targeted for a release sometime this year:



Picontier is described as a slow-living miniscape RPG, where you’ll find yourself on an island to farm, craft, mine, and go fishing.


Kamiko is available for Nintendo Switch.

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