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XSEED Games Is Getting Kandagawa Jet Girls Ready for Summer

kandagawa jet girls

The folks behind the Senran Kagura series have their sights set on a new genre. Take Wave Race, remove Nintendo, add anime and machine guns and you end up with Kandagawa Jet Girls. Futuristic jet racing has taken over Tokyo, and teams of two engage in this sci-fi, aquatic bloodsport in order to chase their dreams. XSEED Games has announced that it plans to bring Kandagawa Jet Girls to English-speaking fans for the PlayStation 4 and the PC sometime in Summer 2020.

Players will be able to choose from seven established teams of two, then customize their actual jet skis to their liking. Players will have to balance navigating tight turns with weapons-based combat, along with doing aerial tricks to impress the audience and refill their boost engines.

Each team will have its own story mode, with a total of 64 chapters between them. Online play for up to four players in casual and ranked modes will also be available. Finally, a Senran Kagura team of Ryona and Ryobi will come with the localized version for free, along with premium DLC to follow.

Kandagawa Jet Girls will bring the world of anime jet racing to the PlayStation 4 and the PC in Summer 2020.

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