Kara no Shoujo 3 Could Be In The Works As Early As Next Year

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Kara no Shoujo studio Innocent Grey has recently been talking about their upcoming game, Flowers, a visual novel story about love and mystery at an all-girls academy. During a Tech Gian magazine interview about the game back in December, Innocent Grey artist Miki Sugina also mentioned the prospect of a third Kara no Shoujo title.


On the subject of “mystery” genre Innocent Grey chose for Flower, Sugina says that unlike past titles, the won’t be about the deaths of characters, but closer to depicting the everyday life of the female students, who will be working together to solve mysteries.


Siliconera previously caught up with Sugina, who talked about not having an interest in making “happy” games, so keep in mind that Flowers might not be as cheerful as it initially sounds.


While Flowers will be released on April 18th in Japan, the game will be split into four seasons, starting with the Spring season release of the game as part 1. The Summer part will be released sometime after summer 2014.


Finally, when asked about the status of Kara no Shoujo 3, Sugina said that Innocent Grey may immediately begin working on the third instalment upon completing the development of all four seasons of Flowers.

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