Kathy Rain’s Protagonist Has Little Regard For Rules, But She’s Good At Solving Mysteries



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New publisher Raw Fury Games has announced that it’ll be bringing mystery-adventure title Kathy Rain to PC, Mac, and Linux on Steam. It’s about a sassy college student who has little regard for rules but a talent for finding the truth in a situation. She loves being on the road with her motorcycle, wears sunglasses and a black leather jacket, with the face of a typical rebel.


Playing like a traditional point-and-click adventure, Kathy Rain has you guiding the titular character through a mystery that’s tied to the legacy of her recently deceased grandfather. It concerns the big secret that underlies the small town Conwell Springs. You have to talk and interact with the various characters around the town who all act as a piece of the larger puzzle.


Developer Clifftop Games offers a list of activities you might get up to: “Infiltrate a cult! Play a drinking game with a biker gang! Meet a hobo in denial and a lady who talks to her cup! Spew out one liners, interrogate suspects, analyze evidence and draw conclusions! Zap people with a stun gun! Hang out in a graveyard! Make calls and send faxes! Piss everyone off and get in trouble!”


You can find out more about Kathy Rain on its website.






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