Keep Calm And Henshin! Kamen Rider: Travelers Record Shows Transformations



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One thing that’s always been cool, and possibly the main gimmick hook of Kamen Rider, are the transformation sequences. Watching each Rider with their own unique “Transform!” moments is what keeps not just kids but adults entertained. So the above promotional video got me pretty pumped up on upcoming RPG Kamen Riders: Travelers Record.


The game is an amalgamation of several of the Heisei period Riders such as Gaim and 000 in their own original storyline, and since developers 7th Chord have worked on the Tales series before, it’s also no surprise that the battles follow a pretty familiar-looking Linear Motion Battle System that lets players glide all over and move freely once combat is joined.


We’d previously mentioned that players would be using Kamen Rider Fourze’s belt-style to change between each Rider, but from the video capture it now looks like you’ll be able to either control each Rider separately, seeing as we’re treated to a shot of Kamen Rider Gaim’s belt during the transformation sequence in the vid.


Kamen Rider: Travelers Record will be on the Nintendo 3DS in Japan November 28th.

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