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Keiji Inafune Sounds Off On King of Pirates’ Story And Goals


Marvelous AQL have opened a website for Keiji Inafune’s Kaio: King of Pirates on Nintendo 3DS, and — surprise! — you can toggle the site’s content between Japanese and English. Included on the site are a message from Inafune, and an overview of the story.


While the English on the site isn’t perfect, it gets the job done. Let’s start with story:


“Lucifer Coin”

He whom finds it, rules the ocean. He becomes the “Kaio”.


Long time ago, there was a part of ocean called “Tai Hei Yo”.

A power so overwhelming

Changed the ocean into where no living thing could survive.

It was called the “dark ocean”.


“Aves”, “Beasts”, and Scales”,

Three different races, fight over to take control of the ocean.


In the age of war…

For the power to rule…


Now, sail out to the ocean of glory!


Inafune’s message adds some detail to what one can expect from the game, too. Inafune writes that King of Pirates is a game where heroes fight for their ambition, justice and their lives.


“‘The right wins, the wrong loses,’” Inafune writes, “This ideal doesn’t closely resemble the situations in actual times of battle. In battle the strong wins and not necessarily the right. In battle, the last man standing is right. If this is true, what is need for heroes is not ‘righteousness’, but ‘strength’.”


Inafune concludes by saying that he wants King of Pirates to visualize “human appeal” itself and find what lies in wait beyond ‘right and wrong’ or ‘good and bad,’ and finally, signs off with a humble “I will not disappoint you”.


You can view a trailer for Kaio: King of Pirates in our coverage from yesterday. Considering that both the website and the trailer are aimed at English-speaking users, we wouldn’t be surprised to see King of Pirates released outside Japan at all, although most Marvelous games usually are.

Ishaan Sahdev
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