Keiji Inafune’s Company Comcept Becomes Subsidiary of Level-5, Working On New Mobile RPG

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Level-5 and Comcept, the company led by Mega Man creator Keiji Inafune, is working on a new smartphone RPG called Dragon Colonies that focuses on PvP and crafting worlds. [Thanks, Hachima.]


Dragon Colonies is set in a world where humans, demons, monsters, and all kinds of different races live together, and you’ll invite them to be a part of your “Box Colony,”


A “Box Colony” is basically a miniature garden in the shape of a dice, and the player will get to freely decide what goes where, meaning you’ll get to enjoy creating your own nation.


Since player-versus-player is the main part of the game, your goal will be to make the strongest Box Colony out there. With your Box Colonies, five of the six sides can be weapon facilities, or you can also make it stronger by throwing a dragon in there. However, one side of the dice is a crest, and it’s where it connects to become a battlefield to fight enemy Box Colonies.


While it sounds kind of confusing without images, you’ll basically have your own world in the form of a dice that you’ll be strengthening to take on rival Box Colonies. The battles are done in real-time and the objective is to simply destroy the enemy Box Colony.


Here are some highlights from Keiji Inafune and Level-5 CEO Akihiro Hino:

  • Talks about doing something together started way back when they worked together on Guild02.


  • Inafune says “Ever since my time at Capcom, a part of me always wanted to be more like Hino-san.”


  • Inafune says “10 years ago, I mistook Hino as simply just a guy who made it big with Professor Layton.”


  • “Level-5 Comcept” is the new company that puts the desires of both companies together as one.


  • It’ll feature Comcept’s staff as the base and will have President Hino involved as well.


  • Comcept is scheduled to shut down in the future, but they’re taking responsibility for all the titles they’re working on and plan to do so until the very end.


  • As a result, Comcept will be a subsidiary of Level-5. However, rather than taking orders and making games, it’ll be more of a place where the Comcept team and Hino can work on games together.


  • The office is located in Osaka. They’re hoping it becomes something like Level-5’s Osaka studio in the future.


  • There are currently about 15 people in Comcept’s staff, but they’re looking to increase this number from here on out.


  • The first title, Dragon Colonies, is expected to launch in 2018.


  • The goal is to make it into a game that can show something big with Infune’s characteristics as a creator.

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