Keiji Inafune’s Dragon & Colonies Temporarily Removed For Game Revamp


dragon colonies

Keiji Inafune-directed smartphone title Dragon & Colonies released back in June to little-to-no fanfare, and the game was taken down recently for a large-scale revamp and a relaunch in October 2019.


From what has been shown on the official website, the game will have a much different vibe to it. Here’s the current game logo for comparison:

dragon colonies 2


The game will enter maintenance from August 27 until October 2019, and according to the list of changes, the game will:

  • make changes to the current gameflow of focusing on versus battles;
  • completely revamp the world and story of Dragon & Colonies, with both old and new players being able to try a fresh new version of the game;
  • add new event quests for UR units;
  • add a trading store where you can trade various in-game currencies;
  • add in social features like friend lists and free battles against friends;
  • and more changes such as changes to unit growth and changes to game controls.


As this is technically a maintenance, all currency owned by existing players will carry over to the new version. All players will also get a gift for the wait once the revamp is complete.


Inafune also left a message on the site, apologizing for the trouble caused to current players. He mentioned that at launch the team received many opinions and criticisms, and after mingling with the regular players and playing as a regular player would, he found several aspects that simply didn’t work well, but couldn’t be fixed with regular updates. Furthermore, a more appealing story and character designs are needed as well. At the end, he promises that the game will return even more fun than it is currently.


Dragon & Colonies is now available on iOS and Android, but will be unavailable from August 27, 2019 to October 2019.

Alistair Wong
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