Kemco’s 3D RPG Is Out Now In English

This article is over 10 years old and may contain outdated information

To ring in the new year last month, we brought word of the localization of Alphadia Genesis, Kemco’s big bet on a melding of 3D and 2D RPGs. We’ve now got word that the game is available in English on Android.

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Alphadia Genesis features Japanese original voiceovers. While in the overworld, the game plays out in 2D, but battles are in 3D utilizing the Unity engine.


To recap, the story’s about the two kingdoms of Archleign and Ghalzabine. Once at war with each other and having used clones to fight them, these Energi clones are now repurposed to serve society peacefully, Isaac Asimov “Three Rules of Robotics” style.


Until a murder that shouldn’t have happened… well, does.


Fray’s the man charged with looking into it alongside Corone. Along for the investigation is emotionless clone Enah who Fray discovers and becomes master of. Other classic RPG stereotypes like energetic loli Aurra or old man Grande. Once you’re done, you could then go on to Alphadia 2, which is the sequel set 200 years later. Enah, apparently, is still kicking it there.


Alphadia Genesis is out now on Android and coming soon for iOS.

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