Kemco’s Latest RPG Has A Kitten As Your God (And Playable Character)



Sometimes one wonders if the Japanese purposely add extra letters to words just to watch our reactions. Kemco’s latest smartphone RPG is Asdivine Hearts, a more classic kind of fantasy RPG where you’re off to save the world.


With things never being quite that easy, this comes in the form of meeting a God, who is also a twin-tailed cat. As in, it has two tails, not walks around with two ribbons in its furry hair. Did we also mention you can control him during the turn-based battles?




As Sol, you and Stella are just headed to Gutenburg to find work, but instead discover the kitty in your path. The talking God Kitten lets you know that a year ago, an unnatural glint of light appeared and has heralded the return of the darkness. So since you’re around, it’s your job now to stop it. Along the way you’ll also meet a gothic maid and a kung fu chick.


Asdivine Hearts is available on Android with an iOS version coming later this year.